Heavy machine guns

Heavy machine guns


Soldiers usually wear bulletproof jackets and helmets to prevent small arms fire.
Because small arms fire loses its kinetic energy and velocity after covering long distances. Therefore, bulletproof jackets can easily block these bullets.
But heavy machine guns fire from so far away that they can rip bulletproof jackets.
Therefore, it is a weapon that is the nightmare for the enemy’s infantry on the battlefield.

The powerful 12.7mm bullet fired from this weapon can pierce the enemy’s ordinary bulletproof jacket, which is four times the range of a normal rifle.

The Pakistan Army has relied heavily on Chinese Type-85 machine guns and Soviet Dsh machine guns, the same heavy machine guns used on Pakistan Army T-59, 69 tanks and armored vehicles.
But the problem with these machine guns was that they weighed so much that ordinary soldiers could not move them from one place to another.

To rectify this error, during Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistan Army ordered its armaments company, POF, to manufacture light machine guns.
And so in 2016, the first home-made heavy machine gun, the PK-16, joined the Pakistan Army.

PK-16 is a machine gun weighing only 30 kg (remember that before that Pakistan used Chinese and Soviet made machine guns weighed 90 kg)
Because of this, it can be easily carried by two soldiers to the top of a mountain and can be mounted on small vehicles.

This machine gun can hit up to an effective range of 1600 meters.
But its barrel is air-cooled, so it is necessary to change the barrel after firing 3500 bullets.

At present, most of Pakistan’s tanks and armored vehicles are equipped with the same machine gun, which is ready to give the best results against the enemy on the ground and in the air.
(The machine gun shown in the picture is Chinese made and licensed in POF)

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