History of the MIM-9 sidewinder missile

History of the MIM-9 sidewinder missile


Of all the air-to-air missiles that have passed in the world at present, the American side-rounder missile has the best record of success.

The SideWinder missile was first built by the US Navy in 1954. Initially, there were many flaws in the missile which were rectified one after the other.
It is a short-range 85 kg missile with C version radar guided while all other versions use infrared homing seekers.

The Vietnam War broke out a few years after the missile was built, so it was the first major use of the missile.

425 such missiles were fired in the war which lasted for more than ten years, the most used in the war was the “G” version of this missile which was made by upgrading the previous version.
Throughout the war, the missile destroyed a total of 82 aircraft, a success rate of only 18%, but it was the best result of the time.

As the war progressed, the missile continued to be upgraded, with 25 of the 125 cyber-aircraft Pakistan received from the United States capable of firing an older “B” version of the missile, if read the history of the Pak-India wars. The successful use of this missile is mentioned in many places.

When the Pakistan Air Force acquired the F-16s, it was accompanied by some of the most advanced side-to-air missiles of the time. These missiles were also used by the Pakistan Air Force to shoot down Soviet aircraft during the Afghan war.

The most advanced version of the Sidonder missile currently in use by the US Air Force is called the “X” version, this missile can be used against air enemies as well as ground enemies for limited purposes.

So far, the missile has destroyed an estimated 270 aircraft worldwide.
Despite being quite expensive, it is the most used missile in the world.

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