History of the submarine

History of the submarine


Submarines or submarines can be considered the most dangerous and terrifying weapon at sea.

The available sketches suggest that the submarine dates back to Greek times, but the first experimental submarine was built by an English scientist in 1620.
From a military point of view, although its development began in 1775, it was first used against ships in history during the American Civil War in 1864, when a submarine fired an opposing ship at a sticky torpedo (in front of a long pole). The blast also severely damaged the submarine.

Although the role of submarines was still small, in World War I these submarines asserted their importance at sea.
In this war, German and Japanese submarines destroyed about 5,000 Allied ships.
There was a moment when a German U-5 submarine set a world record by destroying three large British / British warships in one hour.

For many years submarines were used to innovate.
In World War II, these submarines proved their superiority over the sea. About 3,000 Allied ships were hit by Japanese and German submarines, but Allied submarines also severely damaged Japan’s navy.

For example, when Japanese ships attacked Hawaii, 5% of the ships would be targeted by US submarines en route.

After World War II, the Russian-American arms race developed submarines from torpedoes to missile-fired submarines, and then diesel-powered submarines to nuclear-powered plants.

Today, all these marines can fire intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads and stay in the depths of the sea for a long time.

The Pakistan Navy currently has eight submarines in service.
The picture shows the world’s largest Russian-made submarine “Typhoon Class”.

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